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rod end bearings

rod end bearings
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Rod ends consist of an eye-shaped head with integral shank which forms a housing for a spherical plain bearing. As a rule, rod ends are available with left or right-hand female (internal) or male (external) threads according to ISO 965/1:1980. Where rod ends are needed for specific applications - primarily those where a rod end is attached to the end of a piston rod or at the base of a hydraulic cylinder - rod ends are available with slotted shank and compressible threaded section or with a "welding shank" i.e. a shank suitable for welding to another component. 

SKF rod ends which require maintenance are available as standard with the sliding contact surface combinations steel/steel and steel/bronze. Both types of rod end require regular relubrication. Steel/steel rod ends have sliding contact surfaces which are hardened, phosphated and treated with a running-in lubricant. They are very resistant to wear and therefore particularly suitable for applications where heavy loads of alternating direction have to be accommodated. Steel/bronze rod ends have a hardened and chromium plated inner ring and a bronze outer ring. Their performance under conditions of lubricant starvation is therefore very good. SKF rod ends with a left-hand thread are identified by an L in the designation prefix, otherwise the rod ends have a right-hand thread. For example, rod end SILA 40 ES has a left-hand thread whereas rod end SIA 40 ES has a right hand thread of timken bearings

SRG Bearings offers a full line of Mil-Spec standard and many specialty and custom designed plain rod ends to the aerospace industry and all major OEMs.  These bearing assemblies incorporate a spherical bearing swaged into the rod end body or a loader slot design.  Plain rod end bearings are available in high misalignment, high temperature, and light weight titanium series with external or internal threads, optional keyways, and slots.

The rod end bodies are designed to provide high strength and ductility.  Common materials for the body are: 4340 cadmium plated, 17-4PH, 15-5PH, PH13-8Mo, Titanium, Inconel? 718, Aluminum and other materials.   The inserts provide the rod end with high misalignment and load carrying capability.  The insert bearings may be of 17-4PH, 440C, 52100 chrome plated Inconel? 718, Cobalt, Aluminum, Beryllium-Copper, or PH13Mo.  The loader slot nachi bearing has the additional ability to remove and replace the spherical ball.  (Inconel? is a registered trademark of the INCO family of companies)    

SRG manufacturers a number of self-lubricating liner materials that are qualified to AS81935 (formerly MIL-B-81935).  In addition, over 60 other self-lubricating materials are available for specific characteristics; such as high temperature for turbine engine applications, or for airframe, helicopter, and landing gear applications.

SRG plain rod end bearings have been qualified to stringent SAE, military, AECMA, and customer design and performance standards in SRG test laboratories.  For information on special plain rod end bearings or for information on the many standard series of plain rod end bearings available from SRG, please consult SRG Customer Service at 866.SRG.AERO (866.722.2376).

SRG Bearings offers a full line of Mil Spec Standards and many specialty and custom ball bearing rod end anti-friction bearings to the aerospace industry and all major OEM specifications.  These double row, self-aligning skf bearings accommodate the application’s low torque, high load, and misalignment needs.  Product conforms to SAE-AS6039, formerly MIL-B-6039.

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