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thk bearings

thk bearings
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Our company name "THK" stands for " Toughness," " High Quality," and " Know-how." We aim to contribute to the improvement of society and development of industry by focusing on these three principles in our technology development and product manufacturing processes. On this site, we will take the opportunity to introduce a variety of bearings technologies and products that we have developed.

THK unique technology made the company worldwide pioneers in the development of the Linear Motion (LM) Guide mechanism. Today, the THK LM Guide and LM Actuator devices are an indispensable component of mechanical and electronic systems in a wide variety of industries.

THK has developed many other unique mechanical components, including the Ball Spline, Ball Screws and Link Balls. 
LM Guide — linear rolling motion for high-precision, high-rigidity, energy-saving, high-speed machines and long service lives. 
LM Actuator — aluminum base combined with an LM Guide, a standardized top table and drive system. 
LM Guide Actuator — compact actuator with high rigidity and high precision integrated LM Guide with a ball screw. Reduce the number of parts and design man-hours. 
Ball Spline — realize great allowable loads than with linear bushing. Ball spline skf bearings enables torque transmission while making linear movement.
LM Roller — high load performance able to make infinite circular motions. Optimal for machines required for high positioning accuracy, repeatability and rigidity. 

Drive Lines Technologies Ltd can now source THK Linear Motion technology products. THK is the world’s leading manufacturer of linear motion products. These include precision linear guides, linear actuators and linear motion systems, ball splines, ball screws, cross roller bearings and a wide range of ancillary components.

THK is the world’s largest manufacturer of Linear Motion guides, with products for almost every application.Industry standard sizes were set by these guides.HSR, SR and HRW LM ranges cover standard height, low profile and wide slide requirements. Ranges from JUP ultra high loads to HCR circular guides. Available with many options and materials coatings to allow for special purpose – hazardous, clean room and wash down iko bearings applications

Features and Benefits:
Four way equal load in all directions 
Automatic self adjusting 
Low centre of gravity and torsional rigidity 
High precision and high speed 
Miniature ranges down to 2.5mm high 
High load capacity 
Compact and low circular guides 
High precision and high speed

THK high performance linear actuators, based on proven LM guide technology are built in ball screw or drive belt drive options.

[thk bearings] high accuracy ball screws range for a wide range of applications. KR cost effective, one piece construction creates a compact and competitively priced actuator. GL high speed range using ball screws or drive belt for movement up to 300mm/second.

BRING SKF ALS 20            (2 1/2 X 5 X 15/16) 
BRING SKF ALS 22            (2 3/4 X 5 1/4 X 15/16) 
BRING SKF ALS 24            (3 X 5 3/4 X 11/16) 

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